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"Don’t be alarmed, this blog has to do with sex."

Gay sex that is, if that’s not your cup of tea, too bad for you, it is mine.

This is a NSFW blog.

Sherlock | the Hobbit


I bought a new portfolio for my signed drawings.. I’m about to add this bunch. <3

Ok like I said 5 minutes ago, bed! Meeting watsonwarrior and bakersfleet tomorrow for sushi in Amersfoort. YUM.

My boyfriend is always affaid to be Friday, because I love it ( You know what I mean... ), and I'm on Tumblr all day long !

I think I know exactly what you mean ;D


This is a SUPER OVERDUE gift for nana-41175 for sending me some of my favorite Sherlock doujinshi =w= Based on her designs (1-2-3) for her fic Captive Hearts~ Thank you for being so patient Nana, I hope it was sort of what you had in mind!!! (I had no idea about the colors and probably got them completely wrong 6-9 )

Bonus kissn

*whispers* it's written "très" :D

Oh for the love of xD will fix it!!

I am going to France on Wednesday!!! I need to catch up with the language a bit. It’s very rusty :c

I hope you guys are all sated! I am going to sleep, je suis très fatigué



i promised you a porn, so, erm, well…




Sherlock BBC - purple shirt of sex

Yes, yes. First the shirt. Then…



Oh well… I warned you :) *sigh* it’s not as polished as I want it to be but the ship has sailed, so here goes :D 

I apologise if you’re at work *hides*. Fandom made me do it.


there are like 8 million brushes in Corel Painter
i’m so confused

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