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Gay sex that is, if that’s not your cup of tea, too bad for you, it is mine.

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Johnlock and the Hobbit


in response to this.

No seriously, John only had about three pairs of red pants and one of those pairs is resting on the refrigerator and another..

Well, another pair has settled rather near the purpling head of Sherlock’s cock, the red fabric wrinkled and well used and John really has no idea what Sherlock wants him to do with them.  John knows what he wants to do with them—

wants to shove them between those full lips, giving Sherlock something to mouth as John eats him out, nose buried into the cream-white cheeks, tongue tasting and teasing…

wants to tie them around those delicate wrists, binding skilled hands as John sucks him down, swallows around the head and strokes his tongue across the shaft, tip dipping beneath the foreskin and drawing out sounds John has never had the pleasure of hearing…

—John pulls his jumper the rest of the way over his head and decides.

Your turn teh-kita, enjoy~




Andrew Scott at Film Fest Gent for Pride (October 19, 2014) 

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Operation Sherlock Signal Boost: So I have a thing that I’d like to make a thing. Kind of like throw back Thursday but tumblr style.


I’d like it if everyone would go back through their old, old likes and reblogs and pick out the gems- especially those with few notes— and BRING THEM BACK! Queue those puppies up! There are so many wonderful people in our fandom who have put amazing stuff out there over the last few years that didn’t get circulated widely for one reason or another. (Hell, I even reblogged awesome early sherlockology posts that had less than 200 notes recently.) So yeah— the latest Cumberbatch photos are of utmost importance, but I think their circulation is insured. Let’s show some love to the lesser-known work of our fellow fans.

To that end, I’ve opened up my submission box. I can’t guarantee I will reblog everything b/c I have a lot going on right now, but I’d love the opportunity to see what you especially like, and are proud of! I’m partial to lesser-known awesomeness. Thank you kindly, MJ


I told Andrew Scott about the donations and he asked me to record a message for all of you to thank you for donating and being so supportive. So here it is! :-)



Andrew Scott at the film festival in Gent.

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This is one of my favourite pictures of Ben.
Then you have martin in the reflection laughing.



AS: “Oh My God. Did you make this?!”
Me: “Yes, I did”
AS: “Wow. Ok, what’s your name?”
Me: “Wieke”
AS: “What? how do you spell it?”
Me: “W-I-E-K-E”
AS: “What do you study? Do you study art?”
Me: “No, film actually. Art is just a hobby” 

(Something like that:) and it was one of the best things in my life!)

Andrew Scott on Gent Film Fest, 19 oct 2014

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The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Soldier John taking orders from his Commander is an absolute must *____*

You guys are insatiable. I will see what I can muster this Friday. In the meantime keep sending your filty, smutty, kinky and fluffy doll headcanons!

omg please do toplock military kink next, i will love forever <333

I will certainly keep it in mind ;-)

How do you tag your doll comics?

I usually tag both comics and other doll related posts with Johnlock dolls or Sherlock and John figures :)



Love their reactions (x)


"Original Song from ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" is titled "The Last Goodbye" and is written by Billy Boyd, Walsh, & Boyens" (X)

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