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"Don’t be alarmed, this blog has to do with sex."

Gay sex that is, if that’s not your cup of tea, too bad for you, it is mine.

This is a NSFW blog.

Dutch | 24

Hobbit at Heart | Johnlocker

Sherlock | the Hobbit

Remember the swan at my uni whose partner died and she had to sit on the nest all alone? Well I think she did an amazing job raising 5 cygnets all by herself :)

Spicy schezwan sauce is REALLY spicy.
I never learn xD




The Adventures of Cutoutlock 

Fabulous Feathers

Baker Street just got a little more fierce. 

Everyone has seen this, right? Because everyone SHOULD see this.


Goodbye month of booty.


I unfollowed so many blogs all of a sudden! Is tumblr doing its unfollow spree again or what the hell is happening????


"Sherlock, look!"


"Nothing. Just a joke"

Track: Kinktober - trailer
Artist: Three Patch Podcast
Album: Episode 28
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noun. The tenth month of the year, during which fandom celebrates its kinky side. "Are y’all ready for TPP’s Kinktober episode?" 

Coming October 1 to three-patch.com and iTunes.

Note: Trailer is NSFW - wear earbuds!

Dear fans, all the gratitude. All of it. Very sincerely yours, Martin Freeman.”



That’s your weakness. You want everything to be clever.

it appears Moffat forgot what he wrote in the first act of the episode as he was writing the rest of it


sherlock’s lil naked thigh and peekaboo back curve and sleepy detective yawn hand-neck why is he so cute


Looking forward returning to London this weekend with dutchieinthetardis. Are more tumblr people going to see His Last Vow with Martin & Amanda this Sunday in Hertord? See you there :) x 

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