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Irresistible you ..  

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unf that last one

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"I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis? *facepalm*"

hey there :) soo, i LOVE sherlock& i'm just getting into dr who, and i recognize that moffatjust gets a lot of hate for his work?! i was wondering if you (or s/o) could explain this to me, because i personally really enjoy his work& think his ideas are amazing.

I fucking can’t stand the Moffat hate to be honest. I don’t really get all too mingled with it so my knowledge on what people exactly hate about him/his writing style is very limited indeed. But I will try. (Can’t help you with Doctor Who I’m afraid. Only seen Nine so far ;-) )

As I experience it, people mostly accuse him of being sexist and leaving plotholes and shite. Well every writer leaves plotholes. It’s called building up suspense or even a storyline. Guess what, plotholes can even be a part of ordinary life. So nope not a valid argument imo. Although yes of course I would love more background info and explanations, who wouldn’t.

I’ve met him at the Sign of Three preview in Cardiff and we talked for a while as we made our way out of the theatre. He’s a very nice man actually.
Of course I do not agree with EVERYTHING he writes. But to simply blame Moffat because you think an episode sucks, that is just insane.

And I am like ‘lol if you do not like his writing then why watch the show??’

Ignore the hate. Haters gonna hate.

Feel free to drop your opinion. Whether you agree or disagree :)

Johnlock not becoming cannon and "What’s all this about then?". First, they love ripping our hearts apart. Secondly (and mainly) I really do think that BBC Sherlock is a tragedy about the Sherlock and unrequited love. Sherlock truly loves John. John loves Sherlock but is straight and does not love him -sexually- or is so in the closest he doesn't even realize it.


Hi whicrow, and thanks for taking the time to send me a message.

Oh yes, Mofftiss love ripping out our hearts.


He lives up to this something terrible. I’m not over TRF and it’s been years.
I disagree re: BBC Sherlock being a tragedy. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss fanboy harder than anyone else and I highly doubt they want their AU fanfic to be portrayed as a tragedy. ACD didn’t write his stories like that. Yes, there is so much emotional trauma involved in BBC Sherlock but I wouldn’t say it’s a tradgety. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Sherlock loves John. He adores John. John loves Sherlock and he’s openly said so. They’ve both admitted their deep feelings for each other out loud in TSOT. Now, on to the so-called platonicness and lack of sexual attraction. I’d like to draw your attention to the following gifs:








When I look at the above gifs I can feel the sexual tension and attraction radiating off my computer screen. If my best friend looked at me the way John Watson looks at Sherlock Holmes I would begin to question their feelings.

Now, let’s look at John’s reactions when Sherlock shows any form of affection to other women:



And the most important gif there is

When I see these images/gifs I do not see a man who is happy that his friend has a girlfriend or shows affection to other women. I see a man who is jealous, upset and devastated. Pay close attention to the last gif. John looks like his entire world is falling apart. He is losing Sherlock all over again right before his very eyes. Even if I had a deep, loving emotional bond with my friend I would never react to them proposing to another person like that. I would be happy for them. Anyone would. Unless they are jealous and want to be the one being proposed to.

If John isn’t in love with Sherlock and sexually attracted to him Mofftiss need to get some learnings because they are Doing It Wrong.

To sum up John Watson’s sexuality:

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As promised.  DANCING. *flails*

I am so grateful of the existence of fan fiction. Authors I love you.

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No I didn’t! Thank you so much :D

Breathe with the Soul by i_ship_an_armada

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Watch me draw Benedict Cumberbatch! :)

I’m not a huge fan of this drawing, but I thought I’d share it anyway. If you like it, please subscribe to my youtube channel! Lots more drawings to come! And it’d just really mean a lot to me. Thanks!

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johnlock book crossovers


this is actually mostly classic lit, once again a highly specific fic rec list lol 

I am so done withe cleaning up my room, but it was needed. I promised my parents :P (I have a room at mum and dad’s where I spend the weekends and holidays).

I’ve thrown away 4 garbage bags of rubbish and it’s almost empty (all my stuff is in my parents bedroom. Since they are on holiday I can use the space).
Tomorrow I will put everything back… Gawd. It’s too hot to do this. But promises promises.

And I really can’t present the house in this state :P

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