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Fifty Good Reasons fic on archive, chapter 35. French talking Sherlock ensues. Enjoy <3

Thank you! That one is unknown to me.

Other French talk fics I know of

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There are more though, but I am going to bed now :P

❝ The minute I started reading the [Sherlock] script, I thought, ‘Yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun.’

And then, I met with [Gatiss and Moffat] and it was only after we talked about what it would be developed into, and the relationship of Watson and Holmes and where’d they go, that I thought, ‘Yeah, this could be terrific fun. I’m going to go for it.’ ❞


Benedict Cumberbatch 

(Collider interview, October 2012 [x])

"What it would be developed into … the relationship of Watson and Holmes and where they’d go…"

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Another nsfw paintchat with my babe andreannaness!! <33333

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That’s the show.

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*sherlock sneezes for the first time in john's presence*
john: that was the most adorable thing I have ever hear-
sherlock: SHUT UP
Do you believe that Sherlock's love will remain unrequited or that John did/does/will love him back?


you know the main problem of series 3 is that when sherlock finally let go and just opened, put his defences down, john locked himself up, most probably because of what sherlock’s death has done to him. so when sherlock is vulnerable and would have been ready for a relationship, john, despite himself, pushes him away because he has his guarding dogs hunting around him, basically: he doesn’t let anyone in. it’s the most visible with his relationship with mary because at the beginning of his last vow she’s still perfect and their marriage doesn’t work nonetheless. i think series three was about sherlock’s vulnerability, while s4 will be entirely about john’s, about john learning how to trust people (sherlock) again. because knowing what happened in the previous 2 series, i know john loves sherlock just as much. it’s only that he’s hidden it so deep inside it’d take sherlock time to get there. but i hope he does, eventually.


imagine John going to hug Sherlock because he can tell he’s upset and it ends up with Sherlock crying like a baby and they have a really passionate hug and it’s all fluffy and romantic and the camera pans down to show John is on his tip-toes.

Ever wonder to where Sherlock moved John's chair?




well, shit. I hadn’t. Excellent question.

Ok, I’ve pulled up the scene at Baker Street at the beginning of HLV. First thing I noticed:

John: “Hey, what happened to my chair?”

Sherlock: “It was blocking my view to the kitchen.”

John: “Well, it’s good to be missed.”

Sherlock: “You were gone, I saw an opportunity.”

John: “No, you saw the kitchen.

Soooo apply the classic Sherlock food/sex metaphor there, and…yeah. Mmm-hmm.

I’m really starting to believe that anytime there’s dialogue in this show that’s funny/silly, or that sounds like an odd use of language or anything, it’s because there’s a deeper, subtextual meaning that the writers are almost trying to distract us from. In this case – on the surface it sounds like Sherlock’s just kind of goading John. Why would he want a “view” of the kitchen? But then you apply the food/sex metaphor:

John’s gone and suddenly Sherlock sees what he’s missing. 

Moving on…

Sherlock doesn’t mention what he did with the chair at all. However, he does allow everyone to believe his bedroom door is closed because he’s hiding drugs. Of course, we know Janine is in there. Everyone but John leaves, and Sherlock heads off to take a bath. Right before closing the bathroom door, he calls to John:

"Stay out of my bedroom."

Okay, bear with me here, but this is what I think:

1. John’s chair is pretty large and looks like it’d be fairly awkward for one person to move. Sherlock obviously didn’t get rid of it, as he brings it back after Mary shoots him. It stayed in the apartment. The only options are his and John’s bedroom. 

2. John’s bedroom is upstairs – massive pain in the ass to lug it up there. (Unrelated: will we ever see John’s effing bedroom? EVER? This is essential to my emotional and mental health. Anyway.)

3. When John sees his chair back in its place, he asks Hudders about it (to be specific, the way he words it is “why does Sherlock think I’ll be moving back in here?” and she says “oh yes, he’s put your chair back, hasn’t he?”). So Hudders didn’t move it.

(3a. WTFFF that is a weird and interesting leap of logic John made right there – that his chair being back means Sherlock thinks he’s moving back? worthy of its own meta…)

4. Sherlock escaped from the hospital in a great deal of pain and moved that fucking chair back himself. (Christ.) The only place it could be is his bedroom. He could never have lugged it up and down the stairs. And it probably cost him a great fucking deal of pain to do it, but he did it for John. Kind of symbolic of this entire season.

*pauses to pour shot of sorrow drowning whiskey*

5. So speaking symbolically:

  • John’s chair represents John.
  • Sherlock’s “view of the kitchen” (food=sex) was “blocked.”
  • With John/John’s chair gone, Sherlock saw what he was missing.
  • And he put John’s chair in his bedroom.

6. When he goes into the bathroom and tells John to stay out of his bedroom, it’s not because Janine’s in there. Sherlock WANTS John to find out about Janine. He clearly enjoys John’s reaction to that later on. So…

7. Sherlock didn’t want John to see that he’d put John’s chair in his bedroom because it means John is now welcome in there.



A few of you made some super insightful observations and I have some additions to make.

Billy – excellent point, and yeah, Sherlock totally could’ve had Billy help him. (I wasn’t entirely convinced Sherlock could move the chair in that condition even an inch, let alone from his bedroom, so I HOPE Billy helped.) However, his choices when he first moved the chair (pre-Billy) were his bedroom or John’s. Considering the inconvenience of the stairs and the sentiment, I still want to say it’s in Sherlock’s bedroom.

Then someone asked if we could see the chair when Janine opens the door. Beautiful question! Because goddamn, wouldn’t that just be symbolic as all hell. So I made some gifs.


That’s as wide as she leaves it, so all we can really see is the lamp and the painting. (Subtext reading: she leaves the door open.)


Okay, look closely…to the right of the lamp, there’s SOMETHING there. Hard to tell. (Subtext reading: door’s still open, John.)

At this point I decided to revisit the only (only?) time we’ve seen Sherlock’s bedroom (someone correct me if I’m wrong) to check out the furniture. Interestingly, JOHN IS IN THE ROOM TOO. It’s in ASiB, when Sherlock’s been drugged and beaten by Irene and wakes up calling John’s name. (Subtext reading: ….asdkfjasdfjadfj)

I had to mess with the lighting to see objects in this scene because it was so dark - sorry it looks weird. Also, the camera work here makes it confusing (for me, at least) to get an orientation on where we are (especially with Sherlock stumbling around). Here’s John opening the door:


That lamp? Definitely the same one up there behind Janine. Only now it’s much further to the left – no way could you see it down the hallway. 

Conclusion: the lamp, and possibly other pieces of furniture, have been moved since ASiB.

Here’s the only shot I could get of the other corner of the room. 


There’s a chair! And a mirror. (It freaked me out because both of those things were entirely hidden in shadow until I adjusted the exposure.)

ETA: Huge thanks to My Little Corner of Sherlock for pointing out that we do OF COURSE see into Sherlock’s bedroom in s3 – both in TEH and TSoT. How could I forget “into battle”??!


So here, the wardrobe is in the same place, and the picture, and I see that lamp behind it…and there’s a very small chair (he throws his robe on it). Looks like a different chair from ASiB. 

Now back to HLV. When John moves out of the way so we can see inside the room (#symbolismoverload), lookee here…


I did everything I could to sharpen that up, but this is as close as I got. It’s a tiny bit clearer in a screenshot.


Conclusive proof? Not even close. But that thing 1. is not at all shaped like the chair in ASiB or TSoT and 2. is the faded red color of John’s chair. And remember, the lamp was moved, so other things may have been moved. In fact, it would make sense for Sherlock to actually replace that chair with John’s, if he did move John’s in there. Not logical to have two chairs taking up space.

I know this is wayyy overspeculating. But the thing is, we are supposed to remember that John’s chair is absent from the living room. We get this shot a lot later in the scene. It’s so off, so odd – Sherlock in his chair, facing us; John perched on the table, facing him; so much space and furniture (and the skull I associate with Mary) between them. So unlike stag night from the previous episode.


So yeah. My headcanon is that that effing chair was in Sherlock’s bedroom, and John doesn’t know it. But fear not! Because this


is the last time we see it, and the door’s still open for John.



Hahahahahah I find this very amusing because one of my best friends is gay and a huge fan of Beyoncé!! :D 

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