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"Don’t be alarmed, this blog has to do with sex."

Gay sex that is, if that’s not your cup of tea, too bad for you, it is mine.

This is a NSFW blog.

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you’re like a party somebody threw me
you taste like birthday
you look like New Year



Pages 25, 26 and 27 of Oh, What A Night.

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A gentle reminder that I don’t draw explicit art.

And that’s another way to sell your possessions.

'Not an advantage.' - Chapter 1/Study Time. →


Johnlock/teenlock. <3

All that mattered was that Sherlock Holmes was an utter cock and John refused to be attracted to someone like him

I love this line so much! I really can’t wait for more! Thank you!

benedivtcumberbatch's friendly reminder gives me so many johnlock feels uwu [x]

dramatic irony


dramatic irony is when the audience knows something that the characters do not.  


"You’re over involved because you answer quickly on twitter", says the man planning his best friend’s wedding in such an in-depth way as to even know this.

In the immortal words of Mike Stamford,



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Variety Studio Portraits – Toronto Film Festival [x]
"I tracked (the project), is the lingo I think, which is the only time I’ve really done that for a role. There was just something about (Alan Turing) that immediately struck a chord for me."


late night drawing: more colours for vincent/benedict… progress slowly but surely.

I want to be more involved in the Hobbit fan contest but I cannot be bothered for some reason. If I wasn’t going to NZ in january I would probably invest a lot more time in it. But I rather have someone else win. I would love to but I don’t necessarily have to see it asap. I rather go the European premiere and see it go in premiere on the 10th of December in the Netherlands.

I feel like a lousy fan x)

You're afraid of snails? Why?

You tell me. I am terrified of snail shells actually, the snail is fine. Those big grey brownish garden snails. Ughn.

Once the shells are a bit coloured or pointy or whatever I am absoluyely fine. It’s a very strange phobia but there you are.

I try to avoid walking around during warm and damp nights ;)

However I did eat a snail in France this year. My dad loves them, I don’t. If it weren’t for the huge amount of garlic butter I wouldn’t have tried in the first place. I chewed and shalllowed it down with a Hakuna Matata. It was neither tasty nor satisfying.


A gentle reminder

Sherlock season 2 ends with Ella telling John to say what he wanted to say to Sherlock but couldn’t and he can’t do it

Sherlock season 3 ends with Sherlock wanting to say what he’s always wanted to say to John but couldn’t and he can’t do it

I wonder if what they wanted to say is similar at all



you said I was gonna be a mermaid



Amazing Drawings by Karla Mialynne


Talented artist Karla Mialynne isn’t content with simply sharing her stunning hyper-realistic art with her 44,000 Instagram followers – she posts these mixed-media images together with the artistic utensils she used to create these pieces, as if to prove that these are indeed drawings and not photographs.

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if pugs were pokemon, they would evolve into boxers.

I mean

come on


those faces

Would that mean Bullmastiffs are it’s final evolution?


I mean



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